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With 50 years of experience in the metal building and construction industry, Desert West Builders stands as a symbol of quality work and outstanding service in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and Fallon, NV.

Industry Specific Metal Buildings & Prefab Kits in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fernley, and Fallon, NV

Here at Desert West Builders, Our metal and steel buildings options are numerous. Clients are indeed happy that any of the metal and steel buildings are made to their specifications. The work is extraordinarily good and the client’s satisfaction is always guarantee.

Desert West Builders provides solutions for both small, low-complexity buildings and large, complex structures all Custom Pre-Engineered to your satisfaction. Our products are designed for optimal strength, efficiency and durability. The undisputed durability of steel coupled with the superior functionality of Desert West Builders’ building systems provides an intelligent option for building construction. Our systems are flexible allowing for Multiple Steel Building options in design and appearance. Our customers can expect lower construction costs without compromising an architecturally appealing structure that will last for many years. We are ready to assist you in tailoring projects to meet any requirements. Explore Desert West Builders options for Pre-Engineered Metal Building Construction.


nevada metal barn buildings

Strong & Economical Structures

People that have farms may be in need of metal and steel buildings for their work that they do. Creating barndominiums is another way that metal and steel buildings are making a big splash. The clients that get these types of metal and steel buildings find that their space is well used for housing other people.

With Desert West Builders, you have access to our superior line of agricultural sheeting products and panels and can meet a wide variety of your application needs, including:


Automotive nevada metal buildings

Customizable & Attractive

Desert West Builders automotive commercial metal buildings are adaptaable and customizable to your specifications, providing an attractive, professional look. Our metal building framing supports a multi-functional space. Various uses are office spaces, multiple bay units for service centers and showrooms, or whatever your business needs are.


steel prefab aircraft hangar

For all kinds of aircraft

For planes to be stored in, the aircraft hangar is made spacious and secure. They are absolutely safe metal and steel buildings that protect the planes from and weather and other types of events because of how sturdy and durable they are. Clients are always pleased with the outcome that they receive from the company.

Desert West Builders offers flexible options for the custom design and construction of aviation facilities and metal hangars such as T-hangars, corporate and executive hangars, large clear span airline hangars and fixed base operators. With Desert West Builders, you can benefit from complete onsite construction services and a single-source supplier to meet your unique usage requirements. We offer our customers:


steel school prefab building

Beautiful Buildings for Education

We will work hand in hand with your engineers and architects to create durable and attractive educational facilities that are uniquely customized to your vision. We create extraordinary steel buildings that are safe, sound and last for generations. Partner with Desert West Builders to build your next school and experience a multitude of benefits.​


Nevada steel government offices

Government buildings

We build steel structures for government administration with extensive cubicle space, truck bays for a fire station, public works offices, or school storage. We will accommodate your specific project needs. Our structures can accommodate a multitude of wall and roofing systems which give you increased configuration options in the design and appearance of your project. Our ability to custom-engineer a project built around you makes us the perfect partner for your next project.​

Health Care

prefab steel health care facility

For medical businesses

Desert West Builders provides custom-engineered buildings built around your specific project needs, whether it be a physician’s office, dental clinic, or veterinarian facility. Desert West Builders can exceed your steel building construction expectations. The flexibility of our building solutions accommodates open spaces, high ceilings, limited interior columns and so much more.

Manufacturing & Production

prefab Manufacturing & production buildings

Powerful Production Facilities

Desert West Builders steel building solutions are suited to serve a variety of factory, industrial and manufacturing applications, including water treatment plants, power plants, manufacturing facilities, assembly plants, steel mills, factories, breweries and petrochemical facilities. Our experts can develop a custom-engineered steel or hybrid design to accommodate piping loads, air handling systems, racking loads, mezzanine systems, heavy crane systems and more.

Office Space

metal office space nevada

Custom, Attractive, and Functional

Metal and steel buildings for office use are also popular with customers. They love how they can have the structure that they want when they need to conduct their business. By having the best company work on their metal and steel buildings, they know that they are getting the best quality available in the industry.

Desert West Builders buildings are custom engineered to fit within the scope of your brand image and needs. The versatility of metal building design accommodates any building need. Whether it’s an open concept or multi story, Desert West Builders can help. We have a solution for any business size and budget. Our building system is expandable, perfect for a growing business. Metal building construction is fast and easy, getting your business up and running in no time.


Recreational & institutional metal structures

Spacious and durable

Desert West Builders is your premier resource for community and recreational facilities. We offer a variety of options for clear span and multi-span metal building structures in unlimited lengths and widths. Count on the experts at Desert West Builders for full-service, structural steel capabilities and support services for sky boxes, press boxes, stadium seating, multi-story applications and more. Let Desert West Builders flexible design, value engineering and superior product offerings be part of your next project.


commercial prefabricated steel office spaces

Attractive Commercial Business Solutions

Desert West Builders offers flexible attractive and functional retail building solutions that can be tailored to any application or requirement. You will find that our custom-engineered commercial steel buildings offer the versatility for a multitude of structure options including:​


metal ship dock contractor in Nevada

Enduring storage solutions

Desert West Builders can equip you with an architecturally appealing structure for a variety of applications. Our storage systems are ideal for single and multi-storage uses for both individuals and commercial proprietors, and offer numerous advantages and features, including:

Warehouse & Distribution

farm warehouse metal contractor

Large-Scale Structures for A Variety of Applications

Warehouses or storage mini storage facility (self-storage) units can be made as to metal and steel buildings that are exceptionally strong and durable. Clients are pleased with the outcome that they receive when they order these types of metal and steel buildings.

Desert West Builders offers superior solutions for the development of metal building warehouse facilities and distribution centers. Our patented systems provide large, unobstructed interior spaces while reducing design costs and speeding up construction which in turn decreases cost. All our metal building systems are custom-engineered to work with metal, built-up or single-ply roofing. With Desert West Builders warehouse and distribution solutions, expect to enjoy many benefits.


Worship Facilities

steel church building

Beautiful, Strong and Built to Last for Generations

Churches are also another exceptional way that this company makes metal and steel buildings that are meant to last. These metal and steel buildings protect the people and things that are inside them on a continuous basis because of the sturdy way that they are made and to the specifications of the client.

Desert West Builders can design and custom-engineer a project to fit your exact needs. We offer a variety of options for clear span structures in a variety of lengths and widths with limited interior columns for maximum use of space. We create extraordinary steel buildings that are safe, sound and last for generations.


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